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March 12, 2014
by Ms. Bulger

Blogging Challenge #1

Our class has signed up to participate in the World Wide Student Blogging Challenge. Our challenge for the first week was to introduce ourselves. We had already written about our class in September so we decided to add a slideshow to go along with our earlier writing.

To view the sideshow just go to the very top of our blog and click on the words “All About Us”. We hope you enjoy the video and be sure to read about us in the writing below the video.

Leave us a comment if you have time.



May 15, 2013
by Ms. Bulger

A Few of Our Favourite Things

We are completing one of the last blogging challenges for this Spring season. We were asked to make a list of our 10 favourite things.  It was a tough assignment but we think we put a lot of thought into our lists. We hope you do too. We have them listed on a separate page. Simply click on the page “A Few of Our Favourites” above the mountain picture at the top of the blog.

***Let us know if any of our favourites are your favourites.  Send us a message. We would love to hear from you.

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