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Collaborating with Older Artists


Look out Picasso! Here come some amazing artists!  Our class completed a fun project with the students from the local Grade 11-12 Art Class.  The older artists drew a detailed sketch of a head.  Our job was to decide a setting for the head – where could that person be at this very moment. We then had to create the body for that head and add LOTS of DETAIL to the picture. We kept one copy of the person, compete with head, body and surroundings. We gave a copy of the finished sketches to the Grade 11-12 students. Our next task was to colour our drawings in lively, bright colours. They are going to do the same.  We are anxiously awaiting the time when we can compare our finished artwork to the Grade 11-12 students’ artwork. 

In the meantime, we would like to show you a few of our colour drawings. Check them out.











  1. Dear Ms.Bulger,
    That was a really fun project. I wonder what we will do next? Will it be based on what season it is or what holiday is it close to?
    from, Gabrielle

  2. What a fabulous collaboration. I love your sketches, and the outcomes of your joint project are really eye-catching. It will be interesting to compare them with the older children’s sketches when you get them back. I like the idea of working with older children, and via art is a great way to do that. Did you work with children from your local secondary school? How did you go about it? Great idea – great outcomes. Well done!
    Mrs Monaghan

    • Dear Mrs.Monaghan,
      Thank you for your comment. We did work with our local secondary school not far from Brooklyn, Highland Secondary. Mr.Senner, the art teacher, gave us the grade twelve head art and we practiced drawing the body on some drawings that we photo copied. A couple of days later we drew the real copy. Some of the criteria was: draw lightly in case we need to erase and do not make stick men bodies. Soon we got to coulor in the clothes, background and whatever else we had. Then we gave the art back to Mr. Senner and the grade twelves and they coulored in their copy. It took some time. But we enjoyed it.
      from, Gabrielle

  3. I like your drawing I wish I could draw like that

  4. Hi Climb High
    I really like your art. You used bright colors that stand out.those sketches are…cool,funny,good.

    • Hi.
      My Name is Nolan. Thanks for the nice compliments on our art. My picture is the first on the left. My favorite one was the last one on the left.
      From Nolan

  5. Wow your class is very creative I like the way you guys have such artistic skills with how you matched up the face with the rest. I have never seen something so creative before and I liked the people put a little bit of humor into the drawings like making them a little bit fat or like having funny expressions or like adding funny furniture.
    You made my day a little bit brighter because of those AWESOME drawings.
    You have an awesome class,

    • Hello,
      I am from the Climb High Blog. This was a pretty creative project. My favorite part of the project was seeing what face you where going to get and what ideas you can come up with in you mind. Do you like art? Because I know I do. How often does your class have art?

      From Kayley

  6. Wow! That is so cool that you got to do that it sounds like a lot of fun. That was such a creative idea they were all amazing but my favorite was the 2end from the bottom that one with the clock. Your classes are very skilled artist. I wish my school did that it is just such a great idea. Amazing job the drawings are spectacular!

    • Hi .
      Thanks for the clock comment. I used my favourite colours. It was hard because the person did the shoulder and half of the arm. I am good at drawing people, but not guinny pigs! What are you good at drawing? I hope to hear from you again.

  7. Dear Climb High,
    I think it is so funny how you made all the different artists in a piece of art. You guys are so good and amazing at drawing. I wish I could draw that good.

    Bloggn’ Frogs

    • Howdy,
      I ‘m Adria from Climb High. This was my favorite project this year. My picture was the one second to the bottom with the yellow backround. Do you like to do art? I love to do art. Thanks for leaving a comment.

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