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What Is In This Secret Forest??


Last week, Student Blogging Challenge #5 sent out this picture and asked us, “What is in this secret forest?”

When we first looked at it, we were sure the picture was from the forest directly behind our school called The Northeast Woods.  Some of us looked a little closer and now know what the secret is. If you want to know, read on…


Growl! I know what’s in that forest. I’ll only tell you if you can keep a secret. Okay, I’ll tell you. It’s a rainbow coloured bear with big purple eyes and a blue nose. He is a rather friendly bear. He is named Berry. Berry is really talented. He can ride a five foot tall unicycle. So next time you go walking in the forest, look out for Berry. …Written by Charlotte          Alaska forest - treesCan you see Berry in this forest?
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: blmiers2 via Compfight

I wonder if in this forest there are rare  gems, a Leprechaun, A HUGE CAT, a funny Dog,  maybe a MAGICAL bear? Maybe there’s a HUGE person eating a cupcake while he is sitting on top of a tree. What do you think?  …….. Written by Cole



  1. Dear Climb High,
    Our class is also working on that post about what could be hidden in the forest. And also i like your post.

  2. Dear Climb High,

    I liked your post about the secrets in the forest. I did not think about there being a rainbow bear with big purple eyes and a blue nose named berry. It was very interesting and surprising. Make sure to visit Mrs. McKelveys Bloggin’ Frogs and read my post about Secrets in the forest.

    • Dear Mackenzie,
      The post about the rainbow bear with a blue nose and purple eyes was my story.
      It was lots of fun to write.
      Do you have a favorite story you wrote?
      Of course my favorite one was the bear story.
      From climb high blogger,

  3. Dear climb high,

    Berry sounds berry cool, but why can’t we see Berry in the picture?

  4. Dear Ms. Bulger’s class

    What do you think is in the forest?
    Have you thot of anything yet?
    What if there was a majical fairy or a troll that would be cool?
    I would perfer the troll.

    • Dear TAYLOR!
      You do not prefer the troll. You prefer the fairy. (ha, ha) I prefer a lost pyramid that stretches all the way across the forest.
      What is your forest secret? Taylor maybe you are the secret in the forest because your so crazy to compliment your own class.
      Obviously William.

  5. Great job on the What is in this secret forest post. When i was reading i thought you were going to say something else but you said a rainbow colored bear i thought it was really cool :D.

    please visit my blog:

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