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Student Blogging Challenge #1 – Who Will We Meet?


We have joined the 2013 Student Blogging Challenge  and this is our response to Student Blogging Challenge #1.

We had a great time brainstorming, sharing our lists, and voting on the TOP 10 people we would like to meet. We debated our choices and took the top 10 people from our vote. Then our questions to these people had to be discussed. This is what we came up with:

1. Santa – How do  you deliver all those presents in one night?

2. Leonardo Da Vinci – Why didn’t you paint the Mona Lisa some eye brows?

3. Robert Munsch – Are you going to write more books for us to read?

4. Cody Connell – Can you do a triple back flip on your scooter?

5. A Leprechaun – Where do you keep your gold?

6. Neil Armstrong – What did your first step on the moon feel like?

7. Queen Elizabeth of England – How many people do you  have working for you in your palace?

8. Einstein – What do you think is your greatest invention?

9. Katie Perry – Were you born a natural singer or did you have to practice a lot?

10. Elvis – What was your favourite song you wrote?


Our teacher was impressed with the variety of questions we thought up for the HUGE variety of people we wanted to meet.

We are waiting to read other blogs to see if any of our choices are on other people’s or class’s list.

For those of you reading this post who didn’t post a list of 10 people, we would like to know what you think. 

Who are your top 2 people you would like to meet and what would you ask those 2 people.

Leave us a comment and let us know.




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  2. I read your 10 people post and I loved all the people you chose to ask questions to. It made me wonder about the questions. The most interesting person you asked a question to was Katy Perry. I would of never thought of her!

  3. Hi Climb High!

    I enjoyed reading your post of ten questions and people you would like to meet. The most interesting choice from my point of view has to be the Leprechaun. I also wonder where they would keep their gold!
    Talk to you later!


  4. Hey Ms. Bulger’s class,

    I really liked your choice of people who you and your class want to meet! My favourite person who I would like to meet out of your top ten would be either Katy Perry or Leonardo Da Vinci. I’d also like to know why Mona Lisa didn’t have eyebrows. Or why she doesn’t smile? I’d like to meet Katy Perry because you could probably have lots of fun with her. And I have lots of questions, who’s the most famous person you’ve met? Favourite moment being famous? When did you start singing?

    • Dear Summer,
      Katy Perry would be fun to talk to. Your questions were good ones to ask.
      It is weird that Mona Lisa has no eye brows. We are glad we have eye brow. How about you?
      We look forward to visiting your blog.
      Andrea and Erika B.

  5. Dear Melanie
    We put our leprechaun traps out on Friday. We put them around the school but nobody caught one but the leprechuan left notes and candy. Our class loves leprechauns. We also wonder where the leprechauns keep there gold to. We think their gold might be at the end of the rainbow.
    We look forward to seeing your blog.
    Ayden and Erika M

  6. Dear Climb High,
    I loved your post about stop bullying because I have been bullied by my brother and sister.This post helped me a lot so I appreciate it.

  7. Dear Julissa,
    I hope you aren’t still getting bullied. I get bullied by my three sisters sometimes and I just walk away. By the way how old is your brother and sister? My sisters are eleven and ten and four.
    From Eli
    Climb High blogger

  8. Hi Climb High,
    The two people i would see and ask a question are:
    1. Travis Pastrana- How did it feel when you first did a double backflip?
    2. Notch( the creator of minecraft)- how was it when you found out you game that you made became a big hit?
    From Jack

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