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Showing Our Pink Anti-Bully Pride


On February 27, our class was a “Sea of Pink“.  This was to show our support for Anti-Bully day throughout Canada.  We spent lots of time discussing what bully behaviours look like and sound like.  We had many ideas and solutions that we could try if we saw or were involved in a bully incident.

The book we are reading as a class is called “There’s A Boy in the Girls Bathroom” by Louis Sacher.  In this book we are able to identify some behaviours in two of the characters that we felt could be considered bullying.  We are hoping as we read more, these two characters will find some solutions to stop these behaviours.

Did you do anything special for Pink Shirt Anti-bully day?  If so, we would enjoy hearing about it.


  1. It sounded like all of you had a great day! Is this a special day just in Canada or is it worldwide?

    Mrs. Vilas
    NJ, USA

  2. Dear Mrs Vilas,
    You are right. It was a great pink day. The idea of Pink shirt Anti-Bully day started in Canada. Now there are lots of countries who celebrate this day.
    We found your class blog. We are looking forward to seeing more of your blog soon.
    We were wondering how many students are in your class. We looked on a map to see where New Jersey is. We think you are quite far away from our school on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.
    Climb High class bloggers in Ms. Bulger’s class

  3. Dear Climb High, I loved seeing the post about Anti Bully day. It made me feel good that you guys are making a difference. I don’t have Anti Bully Day in California, but it is very cool that you have it in Canada.

  4. Here in Honduras we are very concerned about bully and schools are trying to their best for “Bullying could stop”. They taught us about bully a month ago in our Sociology class. I like your blog.

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