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May 22, 2014
by Ms. Bulger

Autism Awareness Day in our Room

There was the colour blue everywhere in our classroom on April 2. Do you know why? It was Autism Awareness Day all over the World. Morgan’s mom had come in earlier in the year and we learned quite a bit about autism – how all kinds of minds work differently. This day we all tried to wear blue and remember to be aware of the many different kinds of ways people think. Morgan’s mom also gave each of us a blue glow stick. That night, most of us used it and glowed blue in honour of thinking about autism.


May 22, 2014
by bent03

Tim Horton’s Community Clean Up

This is Nolan and Ben here reporting on a recent activity from our classroom.

Our whole school did the Tim Horton’s Community Clean Up on April 22nd. If you are wondering what the Tim Horton’s Community Clean Up is, it is where all the classes in our school go around the neighbourhood and pick up garbage. 14 classes went out for the clean and only brought back 4 full bags at the end. Everyone did find a lot of cigarette butts. We did the Tim Horton’s Community Clean on Earth Day. We did it to help save our community and the World. Tim Horton’s was very kind. They gave everyone three timbits and a juice for free just for helping the Community. We love our clean community!

IMG_4334 IMG_4337 IMG_4345

May 22, 2014
by bent03

Studying Canada

Hi, I am Ben. We did a big unit on Social Studies. We had to make a whole diorama. Our class had to choose a province/territory to do the diorama on. We couldn’t to BC because that’s where we live. I decided that I should do Yukon. All of the dioramas were great! It took along time but it was worth it. But first we had to research our projects for what is famous there, what you would do and see and what waterways are there. (aka waterways mean like the rivers, Oceans and lakes.) It was hard going through all those books searching for information. Also we had to get stuff from home like rocks, Lego, Playmobile or home made stuff like igloos made from a coconut shell. The dioramas where made from a shoe box and we had to put stuff into it. People even put hanging birds from the top. Most people used playdough for people and fishing rods stuff like that. A ton of people had to take it home like me. There is a guy in my class named Quinn who is from Newfoundland so of course he chose Newfoundland. Yukon has the tallest mountain in Canada, it is called Mt.Logan. It is 5000 and something meters. This was our first proper project. There was only one person who was nervous to do presention. People did great presenting their projects. People were proud to do their presentation. We presented it in our classroom and Ms. Bulger marked how we did. 

IMG_4456This is Quinn and Dani.  They both did their project on Newfoundland and Labrador. Quinn had just moved to our town from Newfoundland so he knew lots.  It was funny that both Dani and Quinn brought Newfoundland rain hats to wear during their presentation.

May 14, 2014
by Ms. Bulger

Thinking Like Scientists

We started off our Spring Science Challenges with wild flinging marshmallows! The learning intentions for this challenge were: 1. to measure accurately  2. to complete the challenge with safety in mind  3. to become a good scientific observer. All of these were met through completing the Catapult Challenge.  And just what did the students find out you ask?  Well let them tell you.

1. Don’t pull the spoon, pull on the tape before you release   2. A steep slope makes the marshmallow go further.   3. It’s good to have a partner to help.   4. You have to be a careful watcher to know where the marshmallow landed.   5. When you lay the catapult flat and hit it hard it goes far.  6.  Always wear safety goggles even  if it’s just flying marshmallows.  7. A 4 cm high ramp and a steep slope works the best. (some found)  8. An 8 cm high ramp and a steep slope works the best. (others found).  9. If you have too many books (more than 10 cm) it doesn’t work well at all. 

We are excited to try our next Science Challenge soon.

March 12, 2014
by Ms. Bulger

Blogging Challenge #1

Our class has signed up to participate in the World Wide Student Blogging Challenge. Our challenge for the first week was to introduce ourselves. We had already written about our class in September so we decided to add a slideshow to go along with our earlier writing.

To view the sideshow just go to the very top of our blog and click on the words “All About Us”. We hope you enjoy the video and be sure to read about us in the writing below the video.

Leave us a comment if you have time.



March 10, 2014
by briana04

Grade Three Swimming Lessons

Our class is a grade two – three split. Just the grade three kids get to go swimming. But not free fun swimming – we get swimming  lessons. The grade two kids get to do science back at the school with Ms. Bulger. There are levels from one to ten but no one is in that top level. We also get half an hour of free time after the lesson. I am an level two. There is a big pool and a medium pool with slides. There is a green slide and a blue one and also diving boards. We got to go to swimming lessons every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for six weeks. It was a blast.

Written by Briana 

IMG_3756         IMG_3727


February 26, 2014
by Ms. Bulger

We’re Proud to Be Pink!


Our class is proud to wear pink.

We are proud to have the right to wear, do, 

be who we want!

February 26, 2014 is Pink Shirt Day.

Bully behaviour is not wanted at our school!


February 19, 2014
by Ms. Bulger

Collaborating with Older Artists

Look out Picasso! Here come some amazing artists!  Our class completed a fun project with the students from the local Grade 11-12 Art Class.  The older artists drew a detailed sketch of a head.  Our job was to decide a setting for the head – where could that person be at this very moment. We then had to create the body for that head and add LOTS of DETAIL to the picture. We kept one copy of the person, compete with head, body and surroundings. We gave a copy of the finished sketches to the Grade 11-12 students. Our next task was to colour our drawings in lively, bright colours. They are going to do the same.  We are anxiously awaiting the time when we can compare our finished artwork to the Grade 11-12 students’ artwork. 

In the meantime, we would like to show you a few of our colour drawings. Check them out.










February 7, 2014
by bent03

YANA Sale!


IMG_3672Our School did a YANA sale. If you are wondering what a YANA Sale is it is where Gr.2 , Gr.3 and the Gr.4 sell stuff that they don’t need anymore to Gr.1’s , Kindergarterns and Strong Start kiddies. When its done, people can donate some of their money that they got from selling their  things.

Now I want to talk about what happened at the YANA Sale. Lots of people brought good stuff and a lot of stuff too. I remember I brought a basket full of things. We had partners and we would take turn buying and selling. If you were there, you would like it. It is quite boring when you are selling but you get to see stuff that people are selling so you can go there when you are buying. There were also rice crispies for sale for 50 cents. I think they nearly ran out of rice crispies. One person in our school had 20 dollars and he donated it all of it to YANA. I think that was quite kind to donate 20 dollars for YANA. After the sale people were wrapping themselves in their blankets they used to sell their things on.I did it too. Whoops!!

Ben T.


We will let you know how much money we raised when YANA counts it and tells us.

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