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Going Global  

What might that mean to a group of keen, inquisitive grade 3 students in the Comox Valley?

It might be becoming involved in the postcard project we talked about in the last post or it could be following the adventures of  Snail and Whale as they tour many classes around the world. It could also be hosting Snail and Whale here in the Valley and share their adventures with other classes through our blog and possible Skype sessions. A class from New Zealand – Ins and Outs – has begun this project and has graciously signed us on to be a host.  Below is the information from their class blog.

The Snail & The Whale Project

(copied from the Ins and Outs blog:

This year R3 are running a global project called The Snail & the Whale Project. The idea of this project is for different classes around the world to host our class snail and whale and post their adventures on our project blog.

The idea comes from the picture book called ‘The Snail & The Whale’ by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler. In the story the snail longs to see the world and hitches a ride on the back of the whale.

Throughout the project we will be following the snail and whale’s journey by blogging and skyping the host classes. So far I have 15 classes around the world keen to be a host class. Exciting!


  1. Dear Mrs Bulger class,

    I can’t wait until we get the snail and whale to our class. I wonder when we will get it?

    From Abby

  2. I am sure that the snail & the Whale will have a wonderful adventure in your class when they arrive. What fun it will be to read about their travels.

    • Dear Crystal Hi! It is Aerin. Hear are some places we woud take the snail and whale:old brooklyn elementary, forest, playground, air forse base, beach, ice rank, BMX track, and thw swimming pool.

  3. What a great idea and adventure for all. It will be lots of fun to follow.

    • Dear Colby’s Dad,
      Yes it is a good idea to follow Snail and Whale. We’ll might take them to our old Brooklyn School, to Point Holmes or Goose Spit, the public swimming pool, or maybe to the skateboard park.
      Thanks for the comment.
      Joel Rylie

  4. That is so cool! Our world seemes so much smaller now with Skype and Bloggs. I am sure it will be a great adventure.

  5. Hi! Ria
    It’s Owen here. We are excited that Snail and Whale are coming. First it’s coming to Quebec then it’s coming to us. We talked about taking them to the air force base and maybe the air park in Courtenay. Do you have an idea of where to take them?
    That is all for now.
    From Owen

  6. Dear Mrs Bulgers class,

    I wonder when we will get the snail & whale to come to our class room? I wonder where we shouldl take the snail & whale to? I think that we should take them to the air force base, air park, and up to Mount Washington. All for now.
    From Abby

  7. Dear Ms. Bulger’s class,

    We were so excited when your postcard arrived today in the mail! We learn at Green TImbers Elementary in Surrey. We also have a forest near our school. It is called Green TImbers forest. Does your forest have name?
    I guess that grade 3 and loving hockey and soccer go together because we are huge Canucks fans here and our favourite recess and lunch time game is soccer. We just finished doing Jump Rope for Heart. Do you do Jump Rope for Heart at your school? We are becoming very good skippers and some of us can do tricks!

    How many kids are in your class, we have 20 students.

    Are you learning about Space?

    Please check out our blog and leave a comment.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    • Dear Mrs. T’s class,

      So glad you got our postcard so quickly, We guess it is because we live so close to each other.
      We will answer your questions.
      We do Jump Rope For Heart in April so will be practicing a bit later.
      We have 22 students in our class – 11 boys and 11 girls.
      Our big forest behind our school is called North East Woods. It has a huge marsh, lots of trails and a big sand pit.
      We studied Space in November and December. Right now we are studying Structures and Buildings.

      We tried to contact you but could not respond on your blog. We will keep trying.
      Ms. Bulger’s class

      • Hi Guys,

        So sorry that you couldn’t connect to our blog…it’s

        We are trying to return a postcard to you but we can’t find your address, could you please e mail it to me.
        Thanks so much. Have an “eggs”cellent Easter long weekend!
        Mrs T

  8. Dear Climb High,

    Congratulations on becoming part of The Snail and The Whale global project! We will keep tabs on your blog so we can keep up with your Snail and Whale adventures. The book is not in our school but we have ordered it so that we can read it as well and know more about your experience. If you are looking for places to take Snail and Whale in the Valley we suggest you might want to take them to the village of Cumberland so they can experience a Cumberland Village Bakery Donut!

    Thank you for visiting our blog and leaving comments. We are quite new with blogging but are starting to branch out to visiting the blogs of other classes and leave comments. Keep up the great work with your blog!

    Our Forest . . .
    Mrs. Twin and Gr. 3/Div. 5 students

  9. Hi im Kyle
    I think the whale and snail should come to our classroom. I think it is cool that the snail and the whale were set on the ground. I am from Falmouth, MA in America and I’d love it if you came to our blog. Have fun blogging!

    Your friend,

  10. Dear Mrs Bulgers class,

    I can’t believe that the snail & whale are at their first stop. That means they are going to come soon, and that is exciting. I wonder if the snail & whale are going to come before spring brake? I think that evryone in our class will enjoy the snail & whale.
    I wonder if George will be a little jealous?
    From Abby.

  11. Dear Ms.Bulgers class,

    I think “Snail and Whale” are having an fun time travelling place to place around the world. Bye.


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