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March 12, 2014
by Ms. Bulger

Blogging Challenge #1

Our class has signed up to participate in the World Wide Student Blogging Challenge. Our challenge for the first week was to introduce ourselves. We had already written about our class in September so we decided to add a slideshow to go along with our earlier writing.

To view the sideshow just go to the very top of our blog and click on the words “All About Us”. We hope you enjoy the video and be sure to read about us in the writing below the video.

Leave us a comment if you have time.



March 10, 2014
by briana04

Grade Three Swimming Lessons

Our class is a grade two – three split. Just the grade three kids get to go swimming. But not free fun swimming – we get swimming  lessons. The grade two kids get to do science back at the school with Ms. Bulger. There are levels from one to ten but no one is in that top level. We also get half an hour of free time after the lesson. I am an level two. There is a big pool and a medium pool with slides. There is a green slide and a blue one and also diving boards. We got to go to swimming lessons every Tuesday and Thursday afternoons for six weeks. It was a blast.

Written by Briana 

IMG_3756         IMG_3727


February 26, 2014
by Ms. Bulger

We’re Proud to Be Pink!


Our class is proud to wear pink.

We are proud to have the right to wear, do, 

be who we want!

February 26, 2014 is Pink Shirt Day.

Bully behaviour is not wanted at our school!


February 19, 2014
by Ms. Bulger

Collaborating with Older Artists

Look out Picasso! Here come some amazing artists!  Our class completed a fun project with the students from the local Grade 11-12 Art Class.  The older artists drew a detailed sketch of a head.  Our job was to decide a setting for the head – where could that person be at this very moment. We then had to create the body for that head and add LOTS of DETAIL to the picture. We kept one copy of the person, compete with head, body and surroundings. We gave a copy of the finished sketches to the Grade 11-12 students. Our next task was to colour our drawings in lively, bright colours. They are going to do the same.  We are anxiously awaiting the time when we can compare our finished artwork to the Grade 11-12 students’ artwork. 

In the meantime, we would like to show you a few of our colour drawings. Check them out.










February 7, 2014
by bent03

YANA Sale!


IMG_3672Our School did a YANA sale. If you are wondering what a YANA Sale is it is where Gr.2 , Gr.3 and the Gr.4 sell stuff that they don’t need anymore to Gr.1′s , Kindergarterns and Strong Start kiddies. When its done, people can donate some of their money that they got from selling their  things.

Now I want to talk about what happened at the YANA Sale. Lots of people brought good stuff and a lot of stuff too. I remember I brought a basket full of things. We had partners and we would take turn buying and selling. If you were there, you would like it. It is quite boring when you are selling but you get to see stuff that people are selling so you can go there when you are buying. There were also rice crispies for sale for 50 cents. I think they nearly ran out of rice crispies. One person in our school had 20 dollars and he donated it all of it to YANA. I think that was quite kind to donate 20 dollars for YANA. After the sale people were wrapping themselves in their blankets they used to sell their things on.I did it too. Whoops!!

Ben T.


We will let you know how much money we raised when YANA counts it and tells us.

February 4, 2014
by 25george

I Am the Class Mascot

Hello out there,

My name is George Monkey. I am the class mascot who is a curious little monkey. The students in the class LOVE to include me in many of the activities around the classroom. Some of them even bring in other monkey friends for me to visit with. There are even a few student friends who own things with my picture on it.  This class of students is a wonderful group of learners. I am so proud to be their mascot.

Does your class have a mascot?     What do you do with your mascot?     I would love to know.


January 29, 2014
by Ms. Bulger
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Gymnastics in January

Our class started off the new year being mighty active!  The first three weeks of January is when our school got the School District gymnastics apparatus.  After a few lessons of safety and a few lessons movement demonstrations, this group of flexible, creative athletes showed their gymnastics talents.  Each child created their own routine that included a beginning presentation, forward/backward moves, at least one 3 second balance, a sit balance, and something unique. Routines were concluded with a motorcycle safety jump off their chosen apparatus and a huge round of applause to those who bravely showed off their talents to their classmates. 

Does your class work on large gymnastics apparatus?

If so, what are your favourite movements?


January 16, 2014
by Ms. Bulger

Reading Around Our Class

In our class we LOVE to read. We can read in the cozy corner, on the big rusty creamy coloured rocking chair, and the two red -purple beanbags. One class friend has a job to spread the colourful cushions around for our friends to sit on or you can always sit at the carpet.           Written by Gabrielle and Kayley

Do you read in your class? Where do you get to read?

January 10, 2014
by Ms. Bulger

Splish Splash ~ Here We Go Swimming

Reported by Connor and Nolan  ~     It was the last week of school before Christmas holidays. Our class went swimming at the wave pool. At the pool there is a big slide in the air. One is blue and small and one is green and is big. We enjoyed an awesome field trip at the wave pool.There was a lot of people at the pool. It was really crowded on the ride back to the school. School wasn’t over yet we had some time to pack up. It was time to go home now. The bell rang and every body left.  It was a good time swimming. 

January 9, 2014
by Ms. Bulger

Helping Africa



Reported by Ben~

Our class donated money to help families in Africa. We had a big class vote. The choices for the vote were mosquito nets for 4 families, medicine for 20 children, clothes for 20 children, OR piglets and chicks. Pigs and chicks won the vote. Now I think the pigs and chicks are getting delivered to a family who will …. We got the money from returning  juice boxes that were collected at our school. Ms.Bulger did the returning work but since January we do it. We are now saving up money to donate to something in our community like YANA or something else.

Maybe you can donate some money to help people? If you did, where would you donate your money?